Post Press Equipment

Cannon Equipment offers a full line of post-press equipment for our customers in the newspaper and publication industry:

The COMETst Newspaper Stacker’s innovative design and cutting-edge technology increases productivity on both press and inserter applications.


Since every newspaper has its own requirements, each and every conveyor system is designed specifically for your operation. From custom configurations to custom controls, Cannon Equipment offers many different conveying surfaces to meet the most challenging applications

  • COMETBC Beltstream Conveyor is especially designed for today’s mailroom and customizable to fit your operational needs.
  • COMETMC Mattop Curve Conveyor minimizes damage to your product maintaining product integrity.
  • COMETMT Mattop Conveyor reduces bottom copy damage of both tied and untied bundles, and also features accessories such as: traffic control, centering and pup-up placers, deflectors, and transition wings.
  • COMETRT Rollertop Conveyor operates smoothly and quite for your mailroom personnel. It is the industry standard for conveying united stacks of newspapers, and has its own line of accessories that allow it to fit in your system.
  • Truck Loaders – This powered truck loader is versatile and has a modular design.

Roll Handling

Roll handling for newspaper operations allow for automated and manual systems, automatic roll prep and roll storage.

Waste Conveyor Systems

The Cannon Waste Handling Conveyor makes short work of yesterday’s papers because it is custom made for your operations.

For more information on our Post Press Equipment, contact your Cannon Equipment representative.