NCL Series II Cart Loader

The NCL Series II Cart Loader uses forks to lower newspaper bundles inside EZ-Lock Carts with the doors closed to retain product at all times. Carts remain on the floor while newspaper bundles are packed to the back for maximum stability and easy door operation.

The compact loader design minimizes cart handling with the cart infeed and exit located on the dock side of the loader. Newspaper bundles are accumulated in a 2 x 2 pattern before being transferred to the loading station. No slip-sheets are required because bundles are stripped to the back of the cart in layers as the forks are withdrawn.

Our Cart Accumulation System (CAS) offering on-floor operation of carts provides dynamic storage and handling of empty and loaded newspaper carts. Storage locations for zoned products are assigned by optional Cart Management System software, developed by Cannon Equipment.

Newspaper Cart Loader

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