Dairy & Beverage Stackers


Ā­With three dairy product case stackers, you can be sure we have the right model to meet your requirements for automated plant case stacking. Proper nesting of cases is accomplished through an innovative four-sided guidance system that provides firm stacking at even higher speeds. Stacking speeds will vary with case size, chain size and stack height.

  • ST2008 Stacker
  • Single Stacker for 13×13 or 13×19 standard cases
    Single Stacker
  • Double Stacker for 13×13 or 13×19 standard cases
    Double Stacker
  • Step Down Stacker

Equipment Stacker


Cannon Equipment unstackers are for automatic unstacking of cases by separating cases from the top of each stack, as the name implies, and delivers cases to an elevated height and drops them upside down onto a conveyor where they are conveyed to the next location. Throughput rates depend upon chain speed, case size, and stack height.

  • Top-Out Case Unstacker

For more information on our automated stackers and unstackers contact your Cannon Equipment representative.