Dairy & Beverage Automated Case & Cart Washers

Case Washers

Cannon Equipment offers two types of case washing systems to accommodate the needs of any operation that uses cases.

Jet Spray Washers, available in dual and single lanes, effectively clean both plastic and wire cases and features: cleaning without downtime, easy access, constant water supply and controlled temperature.

These Jet Spray Washers are available in various lengths with many options available including a sanitizing spray bar.

Dual and Single Jet Spray Washers

The Single and Dual Ultrasonic Case Washer uses ultrasonic sound to achieve a previously unattainable level of cleanliness while reducing energy and detergent usage, operating and maintenance time. This system will thoroughly clean cases (including milk stone) in the thousands-per-hour range.

Ultrasonic Case Washers

Automated Cart Washers

Compact and High Capacity Cart Washers

Cannon Equipment cart washers are a fully automated tunnel system that provides more consistent cleaning than a manual or semi-automatic method. With separate, wash and rinse stations, our washers are able to achieve a deep cleansing action that removes residue and other potential soils from carts. The high capacity dual filter system includes coarse drop-in screens and reusable filter elements for trouble free plant operation and ease of maintenance.

Compact Cart Washer


High Capacity Cart Washer

For more information on our automated case or cart washers, contact your Cannon Equipment representative.