Dairy & Beverage Automated Cart Loaders

Achieve greater labor savings handling product by the cartload with automatic loaders and increase your overall distribution efficiency. Cannon Equipment automated cart loaders incorporate technologically advanced design and features for lasting performance and trouble-free service.

  • Save labor through automation, reduce the occurrence of repetitive motion injuries, and limit your exposure to Worker’s Compensation claims
  • Reduce the frequency with which individual containers are handled and reduce product damage
  • Maintain production efficiency with a proven design that provides a steady flow of product while operators rotate carts in and out of the loading station
  • Increase longevity with corrosion resistant stainless steel construction

Our new dual, easy changeover 80/120 Gallon Cart loader is able to accommodate both 80 and 120 gallon CannonCarts® in one machine, while the individual 80 gallon and 120 gallon CannonCart® loaders handle only their designated 80 or 120 CannonCarts®.

Cart Loaders

80/120 Gallon Cart Loader

Cart Loader

Egg Cart Loader

For more information about our automated dairy cart loader systems contact your Cannon Equipment representative.