In a fully automated system, conveyors and pushers offer the greatest return on investment. Whatever you need to convey or push in your processing plant, Cannon Equipment has multiple proven and innovative design solutions to handle your products efficiently. Dairy plant pushers provide labor saving, by automatically moving stacks of cases into waiting delivery trucks.

We utilize various chain types, to maximize efficiency and capacity in your operations. From in-floor or overhead conveyors, we can provide our expertise for first in, first out storage and retrieval. This method allows better organization and more efficient flow of product in and out of the cooler.

  • In floor case conveyor w/chain (steel or Plastic)
  • Above floor angle iron design case conveyor w/chain(steel or plastic)
  • Bottle/container conveyor w/chain (Steel or plastic)
  • Plastic Belt conveyor for cartons, bundles, newspapers etc
      • Zone control bundle conveyor (Smart Conveyor)
      • Multi tier configurable conveyor systems
  • Variety of conveyor controls including stops, crossover connections, shunts and dividers
  • Drives and take-ups to power chain applications
  • Overhead Conveyor- Steel or Plastic
  • Ascenders – Empty & Full Bottles, Cases, Cartons, Boxes
  • Descenders- Empty & Full Bottles, Cases, Cartons, Boxes
  • Loop Inverters
  • Accumulation systems
  • Pushers
  • Spirals

Free Fall Loop Inverter

Our free-fall loop inverter inverts any standard bottom stacking dairy or wire case from an overhead dairy plant conveyor and delivers it to a floor level conveyor ready for use.

Dairy Conveyor System