Basket Stackers and Unstackers

Basket Stackers

Our basket stackers feature adjustable stack height and reliable, programmable controls. Our designs offer compact footprints and versatility allowing stacks to be:

1. Transferred in conjunction with in-floor conveyors
2. Transferred for further modification as an automatic dolly loader
3. For discharge at floor level for integration with manual shipping practices

The step-down basket stacker features adjustable stack height and reliable programmable controls, a compact design that does not require external lowerators or transfers for discharge, and unmatched versatility. In bulk packaging applications, an optional pre-stacker will nest two fully loaded baskets which allows the stacker to operate at a higher rate of speed.


Basket Unstackers

We offer basket unstackers that handle Cross Nested as well as Nested Baskets and also adjust to handle bread, bun, or bulk baskets in different heights, as well as bail type baskets.

• Takes less floor space than others
• Can be configured to handle straight or cross-nested stacks
• Can unstack different basket heights
• Easily interfaced with in-floor conveyor systems and stack pushers
• Clean, efficient pneumatic operation


The nested basket unstacker handles hard to separate bail-type baskets, providing efficient, reliable performance, day in and day out. The programmable  controlled machine will unstack and release bail-type baskets at a rate of up to 30 baskets per minute.

Our cross nested basket unstackers are programmable, operate pneumatically, feature smaller footprints and can be modified to handle straight or cross-nested stacks.

As baskets are unstacked and released, an automatic device turns the baskets to ensure proper alignment throughout the basket handling system.

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