Bakery Robotics

Cannon Equipment pioneered Robotic Pattern Formers in the bakery industry

Robotics integration in manufacturing is an industry standard, and Cannon Equipment is able to accommodate nearly any robotic need throughout your facility. We have designed and developed robotic applications that require little to no down-time while reducing product damage and waste and increasing efficiency.

Our highly versatile robotics require less hard tooling adjustments when the size or shape of product changes, decreasing down-time and overall costs associated with running the robot.

Robotic Pick & Place Basket Loaders provide automated loading of corrugated boxes, trays and/or baskets at high speeds. A “floating” vacuum head adjusts automatically to “grip” under or over-proofed product, reducing product damage and waste.

• Highly efficient loading of corrugated boxes, trays, or baskets
• Compact design minimizes required floor space
• Consistent, fluid motion control reduces product damage
• Easily keeps pace with high speed slicing & bagging equipment
• Floating vacuum head adjusts automatically to “grip” under or over proofed product

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