Bakery Conveyors and Stack Pushers

In a fully automated system, stack conveyors and pushers offer the greatest return on investment. As such, conveyors alone offer an attractive alternative to the labor intensive operations found in many commercial bakeries.

In-floor conveyor systems circulate throughout a plant for basket staging, order picking, and loadout. This eliminates unnecessary handling and reduces labor and damage.

  • Configured for in-floor or above ground applications
  • Available in stainless steel or mild steel construction
  • Easily interfaced with automatic stack pushers and other sensory positioning controls

Parallel or 90° stack pushers are used in three basic applications

  1. to transfer stacks of fully loaded baskets from one conveyor time to another
  2. to remove stacks for unstacking
  3. to automatically index, or load, stacks of baskets inside transport trailers.


  • Reduce the occurrence of back injuries and limits exposure to workers’ compensation claims
  • Rugged construction for increased longevity
  • Innovative design for ease of service and routine maintenance
  • Available in left or right handed models

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