Machining and Metal Forming

Machining is a process by which power-driven machines, tools and presses are used to mold material into various shapes and sizes needed for a piece of machinery. Cannon Equipment employs skilled machinist in our internal machine shop that are trained and certified operators of different machining tools. Machining is utilized in most if not all our manufacturing process for automated machinery.

What we have:

  • 4 CNC Vertical Mills
  • 1 CNC Lathe
  • 3 Manual Lathe
  • 5 Bridgeport Mills
  • 1 Horizontal Mill
  • 1 Broach Keyway Cutter

Metal Forming Technology and Capabilities

There are many tools used in the metal forming process. Cannon Equipment has skilled employees that use a variety of metal forming methods and machines like saws, press brakes and shears to create the necessary pieces for specific machines.

What we have:

  • CNC 165 Ton Press Brake
  • Accuushear – Metal Shear